Organizing a Special Event

We encourage members to host public fundraisers not just to raise money, but also to raise awareness. Our members and friends have hosted fundraisers including an adult Halloween party, a bike-a-thon/silent auction/raffle, wine auctions, a wine tasting party, a school district rummage sale, and a benefit concert. Kids’ school fundraisers have included selling lollipops, organizing a rock-a-thon (rocking chairs, not music), selling handmade scarves, and sponsoring a staff/teacher casual day. Your imagination and energy are the only limits to what we can do.

If you are planning a fundraiser, please let us know ahead of time. Most states require that we register as a charity before we are allowed to collect funds, and the registration process can take a few months. Also, we need to work with you to make sure that we have all gifts and donations recorded properly for our financial records. Finally, we may be able to make your job easier with our resources from past fundraisers: give-away items, press releases, or forms, for example.

If you would like to plan a walk on a larger scale, please see our guide:  

2014-2015 Walks for Angioma Alliance: Guide for Larger Public Events 

Learn about becoming part of an Angioma Alliance national or international event, holding up your corner of the sky.