June is International Cavernous Angioma Month

June is International Cavernous Angioma Awareness Month. Do your friends and family really understand what a cavernous angioma is? Would you like to help us educate the world? This month is your opportunity to share the information you have with anyone who is interested.  Here are some things you can do:

Advocate for Our New Legislation

  • The most important thing you can do to raise awareness is to contact your legislators and ask them to support our advocacy efforts. Visit our Legislative Advocacy page to find out how.

On Social Media

  • Have you liked our Facebook page or begun following us on Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest? Do it, and then ask your friends to like and follow us, too.
  • Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and share our informational and inspirational videos.
  • Write the two paragraph version of your story and send it to us at info@angioma.org along with your picture so we can post it on our Facebook page this month. 
  • Share or retweet the cavernous angioma facts we’ll be posting to our Facebook page and Twitter feed throughout the month. 
  • Create a YouTube video, write a blog post, and share them with us to post.
  • Write the long version of your story and send it to us for the Member Stories section of our website. 
  • Tell us what you’re doing to raise awareness – send us a picture if you can - so we can share your ideas with others.

Traditional Media

  • Write a short letter to the editor of your local paper sharing your experience of the illness and letting your community know about Cavernous Angioma Awareness Month. 
  • Contact your local news programs on TV and radio with your story.

In Public 

  • Develop your "elevator speech" so you can tell a stranger in just a few sentences what a cavernous angioma is, how it has affected your life, and what you are doing to help. For example: "A cavernous angioma is an abnormal, raspberry-shaped blood vessel in the brain that can hemorrhage and cause stroke and seizure. Unfortunately, brain surgery is the only way to treat them. I had a hemorrhage 4 years ago and now have weakness on my right side. I organize an Angioma Alliance walk each year to raise awareness and money for research."
  • Angioma Alliance offers awareness items in our Online Stores including t-shirts, caps, bumper stickers, cellphone wipes and much more. Let others know that Brains Shouldn't BleedTM wherever you go. 
  • Offer to tell your story at your place of worship, your school, the local nursing school, your hospital, the local charitable clubs, or anywhere people are willing to listen. 
  • Begin planning your October Anywhere Walk. It’s not too soon! We’ve just created a downloadable Angioma Alliance Walk Guide to help you plan a more ambitious walk. 
  • Download and share Awareness Flyer.

Together, we can bring attention to our illness for improved diagnosis and better treatments.